Accomack reckless driving attorney

Accomack reckless driving attorney


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“I was charged with Reckless Driving by Speed- do I need to hire a lawyer for this?”  a traffic and criminal defense lawyer defending people throughout since the 90s, I have been asked this question many time.  While some law firms will try to scare you into hiring them immediately by suggesting you are going to jail for up to 12 months, the truly correct answer on whether to retain counsel for a Reckless Driving is…. “it depends”.  It depends on what your concerns and goals are, the facts and evidence and legal issues you may have, your current and future employment concerns, your driving record, in which county your case is, and which judge and prosecutor may be involved in deciding your case.

In deciding whether to hire a lawyer for your Accomack Reckless Driving case, consider the range of outcomes.   The court could find you ‘guilty as charged’ of Reckless Driving, or ‘guilty’ of a less serious offense (for example., Speeding, Fail to Obey Highway Sign, or Improper Driving), or possibly ‘not guilty’ of anything.  Any case’s outcome of course depends on its facts, legal issues, and evidence.

Another wrong assumption is that the judge will have mercy for you, and will reduce or dismiss your case.  Perhaps your situation is truly exceptional, and the judge will be moved to treat your case as unique.  But the reality of traffic court is that many people have the similar explanations or pleas for mercy, and a judge who hears the same thing repeatedly may not be so moved.  Further, what sounds like a reasonable explanation to you might actually backfire.  For example, perhaps you think the judge will understand that you didn’t realize how fast you were going because you were distracted by loud kids in your car.  However, by highlighting this, a judge might feel compelled to impose greater punishment because driving too fast with kids in the car is worse.  An experienced traffic lawyer will have an informed opinion of the best way to present your case.

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In this competitive legal marketplace online, unless your website is on the 1st page of the search engines for search terms that consumers use when searching online for an attorney, your website will not be found. If your firm is like other law firms, the majority of your business is based on referrals. However, there are thousands of people each month who are looking to hire an attorney by finding them on the Internet. What are these consumers typing in to find an attorney? That is the single most important question and is the foundation for an Internet marketing strategy that will generate new business via the Internet.

There are over 200 factors that Google uses when determining search result rankings. While nobody outside of a select few Google engineers know all those factors, over the years through extensive testing and research we have learned many of the most important ones that play a big part in rankings

Keep in mind, having high visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing does not mean you will have success. Having high visibility is crucial to success but it’s only one of three critical elements you need. What else do you need to maximize your chances of turning visitors into new cases ? Virginia Beach DUI attorney and compelling content that convinces a visitor to contact your firm. Those other two factors are critical in maximizing your potential for picking up new clients via the web.